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I am Lip Stalker

I am Lip Stalker

Who am I?  That’s not much of a secret at all.  You can read my lips.  XOXO, Lip Stalker.

I contemplated about remaining anonymous and being all mysterious…till I realised that it could come across as creepy being a “lip stalker”!!  Avid beauty blog readers will recognise my lips from my other beauty blog and if you’re keen to know me inside out, I do have a personal blog too.

I don’t have a lip fetish, but I’m here to help fill up the ‘lip-shaped hole’ in the beauty blogosphere.

I definitely don’t have the biggest lip product collection out there, but I’m sure with the help of this blog, that’s going to change.  My lipstick wishlist is never-ending and one day, I will own a Chanel lipstick…but for now, you can check out my entire collection on this blog.

  – if you want to treat me to a lipstick or buy me a drink or help the funding of this site.  Thanks!!!

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