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Pretty Pink Glitter Lips

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Long time no lip swatch!!!  But that’s because 2 weeks ago, I had a little accident whilst swatching a Clinique Chubby Stick for THIS BLOG!  You may have read all about it on my main beauty blog but if not, here is the { link }.  Anyway, I was MIA for a few days with a raging headache which meant I missed Lip Stalker’s 1st year bloggaversary on the 1st of November.  Oh well, there’s always next year ;)

Meanwhile, I have prepared a sparkly new lip art video for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy Pretty Pink Glitter Lips and I will get back to regular lip swatching real soon.

Lip products featured are :  Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm*, Savvy by DB Carnation Lip Liner, Missha The Style Beautiful Tint in Moisture Red, YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole*, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Doug*

*denotes PR samples

Other make-up products featured are : Blue Face Glitter in #110 (I bought this at IMATS 2012 along with a lot of other goodies as shown in my haul but I googled it and can’t find anything on this label.  Oh great!  What if it wasn’t cosmetic grade glitter I applied on my lips??  YIKES!  Oh well, it’s okay…glitter was pouring out all my orifices for days on end LOL!!!!)

Let me know what you lip art video you would like to see next! *mwah*

Sexy Zombie Lips

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With Halloween around the corner, I thought it was highly appropriate to do a Sexy Zombie Lips Lip Art video.  This time last year, I was putting the finishing touches to launch (which means our 1st year bloggaversary is coming up!  Woohoo!) and surprisingly, people seem to love the Lip Stalker YouTube channel more than they love my blog.  Every day, I get messages to tell me to do more lip videos!!!  Wow, thanks peeps!  It means a lot to me!!!  Anyway, sorry for rambling and onto the video…

Lip products featured are :  Mary Kay Satin Lips Lip Balm, Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in #11 (woah, that’s a long name!)

Other make-up products featured are :  Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in 200 Soft Beige, Rimmel London Glam’Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow in 008 True Union Jack, Rimmel London Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in 002 Radiant Rose

Nail polish :  Mirenesse Charleston Me

Note to Rimmel London Product Namer, please make the product names short and sweet please!

Disclaimer :  You may notice a lot of Rimmel London products in this post – and that’s because I won the Beauty Heaven Blog Star Award and they sent me the swag to make my monthly video – but I am not compensated in any way.


ruby bling lip art, bling lip art, lip gems

I bought some bling bling phone gems the other day and instead of decorating my phone with them, I decided to use them for lip art and created Ruby Bling Lips.  Hope you enjoy the video BUT please be careful if you’re going to attempt this because it is very easy to swallow one of these little gems.

Lip products featured are :  Uriage Bariederm Levres, Sisley L33 Rouge Passion Lipstick, Benefit Bella Bamba Ultra Plush Lip Gloss  (Note :  All were PR samples)

Let me know what you think of Ruby Bling lips in the comments.  From far away, it kinda looks like pomegranate!!  LOL.


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Guess what peeps?  I won The Best Beauty Vlog category at beautyheaven Australian Blog Awards with my Sugar Lips video (which has over 100,000 views!  WOW!).  Thanks for all the support.  Sorry, I should have mentioned it on here earlier but I forgot.  Oopsie!  Anyway, part of my prize is to create 12 videos for beautyheaven and I just launched my new beauty channel today so please check it out and also, here’s a new lip art video - Teal Temptation - inspired by the teal colours of the beautyheaven website!  I hope you enjoy it!

Lip products used are :  TNS Lip Plump System*, Karen Murrell Lipstick in Sandstorm*, Illamasqua Lipstick in Apocalips*

Other make-up products used are :  NYX Book Of Shadows, SLA Glitter Eyeliner*

* denotes PR samples / gifted product

What do you think of Teal Temptation Lips?  Probably not the best lip colour for a first date!  LOL.


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As promised, here’s the new YouTube lip art tutorial video of Crab Lips.  My crab is female so that’s why she has long lashes LOL.

Lip products featured are : Guinot Longue Vie Levres Vital Lip Care, NYX Black Label Lipstick Peachy and Missha Creamy Matte Lip Rouge in OR01

Other make-up products featured are :  SANA Pore Putty BB Cream and Australis IntensifEYES Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black.

Do you like the crab lips?  And what other animal should I try and recreate?  Let me know in the comments.


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I’ve been a very naughty gal!  It’s been 4 months since my last lip art video tutorial!  >_<  Thank you to all my new YouTube subscribers and all the messages encouraging me to do another video.  I promise to try my best…but I have realised that I kinda suck at lip art…and I don’t have the skills or the materials to take my lip art to the next level.  But ah well…I can only try my best.

Anyway, today’s lip art is dedicated to you all!!  It sounds so cheesy and corny but I appreciate the love that you have all shown me!  Enjoy!

Lip products featured are 1 Skin Solution Lip Balm in Vanilla, Vani-T Krush Minerals Lip Definer and Arbonne Lipstick in Strawberry.  The eyeliner is Australis IntensifEYES Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black.

Love Tattoo Lips – is it Lip Art or is it Lip Fart?  Let me know in the comments :)


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What type of lip art do you create when you have bad lighting and 5 minutes to film before your camera battery dies?  Two tone lips!!  It isn’t my best lip art but I do kinda like it.  I was inspired by the Cheryl Cole coral top and purple flares she sported on her first day at X Factor USA before she got the sack.  If you’re confused about what I am talking about – just Google it!  Enough yapping and enjoy…


Lip products featured are Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip-Fix Cream, Missha Creamy Matte Lip Rouge OR01, Arbonne Lipstick in Vintage Rose, Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour SPF 15 in Sunshine and Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Doug.

Concealer is Shu Uemura Mark Cealer (which I believe is now discontinued…*cries*)


gradient lips tutorial, lip art

Firstly, allow me to apologise if my last Lip Art tutorial offended you with its dodgy-ness.  Hand on my heart – I DID NOT realise that it could come off as dodgy!!!  I was seriously thinking about lollipops!! >_<

Anyway, moving on…  I have a Gradient Lips Lip Art today!!!  Nothing dodgy here!!!  And it’s dedicated to Beauty Snippets and Prettymom because they suggested this on Twitter!  This look is based on nymphette415‘s Gradient Lips tutorial.  Very easy and looks pretty cool!

And uh…there’s a cameo appearance from Tasha, AKA facial hair!!!

Lip products featured are Dr Roebuck’s LIPS, NYX Round Lipstick in Fire and Castle.

Eyeliners are Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil and Primark Soft Kohl Pencil.

If you have recreated a similar look, please feel free to post a photo or link me up on Lip Stalker’s Facebook page. So what do you think of my Gradient Lips?  Lip Art or Lip Fart?