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Lip Link Love #2

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Apologies ladies for the lack of lip swatches recently.  Things have been crazy hectic in Lip Stalker Land but let me assure you that I have plenty of beauties to show you.  Anyway, check out some of the luscious lip links circulating in the beauty blogosphere :-

1.  Here’s Adeline’s take on Two-Tone Lips.  Love it! {Through Beauty Eyes}

2.  With Christmas round the corner, here’s a tutorial for a festive lip.  {Beauty Swatch}

3.  Oooh, I need this Revlon lippy!  {Sunday Girl}

4.  Sick of the same old lip colours?  Then you have to check out Lime Crime.  {Miss Kitty Charms}

5.  Check out how many lipsticks Tegan has in her handbag!  I may or may not have more than that :P {Tegania’s Thoughts}

Lip Link Love #1

lipstick blog, lip gloss blog

There’s a lot of lip love in the blogosphere so I thought it would be great for me to share some lip link love.

1.  What does your lipstick shape say about you?  Apparently, I’m a Power Woman!!  If only that were true!! {lipglossiping}

2.  Fellow Aussie blogger, Priyanka, got her lips onto some Revlon Lip Butters and she shares her first impressions.  They are definitely on my Lip Lust List!  {twinxntrax}

3.  Speaking of Revlon, find out which lippy didn’t impress Eden-Avalon.  {Sudo Beautify}

4.  Like the sound of a Naughty Lip Crayon?  Check out this Jane Iredale swatch from my favourite lip beauty blogger, Akisa.  {beautyswatch}

5.  I found a new beauty blog to read this week and I subscribed after seeing all the lip products in this haulage!  {The Mustard Jumper}

6.  These 2 lovely ladies prove that I need the soon-to-be-discontinued Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon in my life!!!  {Miss Makeup Lover 1 & Dempeaux}

Do you have any great lip reads this week?  Feel free to share in the comments.