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>_<  It’s been a while…mucho apologies!!!  But we’re back today and we are lip stalking Isabell Soo :-

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Isabell says :

I’m wearing NYX Round Lipgloss in Apricot on top of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 750 Kiss Me Coral.

Of all the cheap lip-glosses I’ve owned, NYX is my fave! NON-STICKY AT ALL!!
And this Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 750 Kiss Me Coral is my fave red lipstick because it leans more towards to the coral side. It complements my yellow skin tone more than some of those bluish red out there. But of course, a bold colour like this needs some caution when applying and some confidence to flaunt it off.

Wowee!  Amazing combination!!!  Love the lips and the flawless skin, Isabell!!

 Isabell Soo is a  Malaysian graphics designer and blogger at and she loves everything Korean! 😀

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I may not have been a fan of Harry Potter (each to their own), but when I saw the press release of Emma Watson in the Lancôme ads for their two new collections – Rouge In Love and Vernis In Love – my jaw dropped!!!  She looks stunning and I want what she’s wearing!!!

On Emma’s lips is the Lancôme Rouge In Love Lipstick in, what I speculate is, 185N Rouge Valentine or 159B Rouge In Love.  Will be confirmed ASAP and when I find out, I will update this.  Against her flawless porcelain skin, this rich red colour really pops!

As for the packaging, Lancôme have won my heart with the sexy silver casing which will appeal to the younger generation for sure!

I have a review, photos and swatches coming next month!  Keep your eyes peeled!

More About Rouge In  Love Lipsticks

True love stays, never fades. Finally, the long wear lip colour you love to wear. This collection of radiant, high potency colours, with up to 6 hours of wear, is surprisingly featherlight offering delightful comfort. Discover the lip colour that describes you best and let your lip colour speak to uncover your mood, any time of the day.

Categorised in 3 moods :-

Jolis Matins : “Pretty morning”, ready‑to‑wear, and luminous fresh day shades that recreate daylight on the lips, for subtle and soft brilliance, due to the precious mother‑of‑pearls.  Jolis Matin shades are identified with the letter M in the shade number.

Boudoir Time : Trendy, punchy “it” shades that give colour to the lips thanks to the intense contrasted mother‑of‑pearls. These shades offer an intense bright color reflection. Perfect to start the evening right. Bourdoir Time shades are identified with the letter B in the shade number.

Tonight is My Night : Sophisticated, pure intense shades to give depth to lips and brighten a night out, for a deep lacquered effect and luminous colour, thanks to gold mother‑of‑pearls. Tonight is My Night shades are identified with the letter N in the shade number.

Available in 21 shades in Australia :-

106 M Jolis Matins

230 M Rouge Rendez Vous

240 M Rose En Deshabillé

275 M Jolie Rosalie

322 M Corail In Love

300 M Beige Dentelle

353 M Rose Pitimini

146 B Miss Coquelicot

159 B Rouge In Love

156 B Madame Tulipe

163 B (cannot find the name of this lippy…)

200 B Lasting Kiss

278 B Divine Seduction

340 B Rose Boudoir

351 B Rose Des Soupirants

181 N Rouge Saint Honore

170 N Sequence Of Love

185 N Rouge Valentine

287 N Sultry Simplicity

377 N Midnight Rose

379 N Rouge Sulfureuse

However, before you rush off to find these lippies, they won’t be launching in Australia until 26th March 2011.  Another month away!!!


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Hope all you lovelies have had a lovely Christmas.  Today is Boxing Day and boy, we’re lip stalking another hottie!!!  It’s Sarah Cook…

NARS lip swatch, Carthage

Sarah says :

Ahhhhhh Nars Carthage… it was love at first sight. You were such a show off and everyone admired you… but I just knew that we were meant to be together. I mean all the indicators were there! I loved matte formulas; I was yet to have my first experience with a hot pink and you were so pretty… I like pretty things *wink*; and you loved to have fun and needed someone in good condition. PERFECT MATCH.
Oh and what fun we had together!! You really knew how to work a room! I was a bit shy at first… but you eased me in. And before I knew it, I was soaking up all the compliments at the party. You devil YOU!
But you do come at a price… AUD 48.00 to be exact. But you’re well worth it I’d say.

Sarah’s Bio

Editor over at Hip & Haute (, marketing manager by day, seriously addicted to all things social media and CHEESE, ooh ooh and PINK! OOH LOOK SHINY THINGS! Mumma to a beautiful Red Siberian Husky and Ridgeback x German Shepard. Feed my obsession by following me on Instagram and Twitter (@hipandhaute)

 One word – WOW!


On most Mondays, we will be Lip Stalking a lucky lady.  For your opportunity to feature you and your lips here, please read this.

Today we are lip stalking the beautiful Rosemary Slade and she has chosen the perfect shade for summer.  I’ll shut up and let the pictures do the talking…

Rosemary says :

This is a pic of my new favourite lipstick: INGLOT Slim Gel Lipstick in 40. My friend Sarah from Hip&Haute recommended this lipstick to me because I was actually looking for a shade that was similar to Butter London’s nail polish “trout pout”. I loved the beautiful pinkish-coral so much that I wanted to wear it on my lips!

I adore this lipstick, it’s such a perfect pretty coral. The pigment is amazing, it’s so creamy and I love the way it lights up my face and puts some colour in my cheeks.

This is my first ever INGLOT lipstick, and I’m in love <3

Definitely an everyday indulgence. Just wearing it makes me feel like I’m spoiling myself.

The RRP is only $27.00, absolutely worth it!

Pout ‘n’ Pose

Inglot lipstick swatch

Rosemary’s Bio

I’m the Editor of Modern Hair+Beauty and Luxury Weddings Magazines, I write for Modern Wedding and sometimes style fashion shoots as well. I’m a girly girl: completely addicted to makeup and fashion. I have a serious caffeine, sugar and shopping addiction and am prone to regular McDonalds cravings. I couldn’t live without my iPhone, and I love baking! You can find my beauty blog at

 Stunning gal with stunning lips!  Get me to the nearest INGLOT store!


On most Mondays, we will be Lip Stalking a lucky lady.  For your opportunity to feature you and your lips here, please read this.

The first celebrity to feature on Lip Stalker is Megan Fox.  Not only are we lip stalking Megan Fox, but we are stalking her entire face!!  She looks stunning in the new Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Madre Perla Christmas Collection.

Breakdown Of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Used


Designer Lift foundation #2

High Precision retouch #2

Sheer Blush #5


Maestro Eyeliner + Smooth Silk Eye Pencil #2

Eyes to Kill intense gold / silver #19

Madre Perla Eyes and Face Palette #1

Eyes to Kill mascara #1


Rouge d’Armani Rouge #400

Gloss d’Armani Plum #603


Lip Stalker Says

This blue-red lip is stunning with Megan’s pale complexion.  LOVE IT!!

Megan Fox looks stunning – agree?


On most Mondays, we will be Lip Stalking a lucky lady.  For your opportunity to feature you and your lips here, please read this.

Today we are lip stalking Katy Potaty who is also known as the Cupcake Lady.  Please check out her amazing website and be prepared to drool over the fantastic cakes she bakes!

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Katy says :

I absolutely LOVE Ciccone Cosmetics Oceanus; it’s a long-wearing creamy coral, which suits both warm and cool skintones (I’ve lent it to my bestie who has cool porcelain skin and dark hair and it looks brilliant on her too)!  The texture is similar to old-school Revlon lippies, that is, it goes on quite thickly and sits on the surface of your lips until you do the old smackeroo and rub them together. Once you’ve warmed it up a little, it soaks in and provides a lasting pop of colour.

It’s definitely not a drying lipstick, although if your lips are dry prior to applying, I’d use a lip scrub and them apply a balm before the lipstick, as it does show up any flakey spots.  The packaging is cute and quite heavy-duty, it has survived rolling around in the bottom of my enormous day bag with bottles of perfume, bobby pins and all sorts of junk!

If like me, you are caught up in this Summer’s love for coral and can find a Ciccone lipstick stockist near you – buy this, it’s amazing and I’ve not found a better colour!

Lip Stalker also has the same lipstick and always gets complimented when wearing it.  Do you like it too?

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