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Quick Swatches : MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipsticks

MAC Marilyn Monroe, MAC Marilyn Monroe swatches

The other day I rocked up at my local MAC counter in my post-gym sweaty workout gear sans make-up.  I was dying to buy my first ever MAC red lipstick and I had decided that it would be from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection which has just been released.  There were only 4 of the MAC Marilyn Monroe lipsticks on display so I swatched them on the back of my hand :-

  • Deeply Adored (matte) – vampy deep blue red (altho the lipstick bullet looks more plum)
  • Charmed, I’m Sure (matte) – also a blue-based red (very similar to Sisley Rouge Passion)
  • Love Goddess (satin) – vibrant pink, almost fuchsia
  • Scarlet Ibis (matte) – bright orange-based red
  • Pure Zen – which was not available to swatch – is a rosy beige according to Temptalia
I’m a satin lippy kinda gal because I like making my lips look juicy.  But I umm-ed and ahh-ed to myself and decided that I would buy Deeply Adored because you can do so much more with a darker lipstick – but after no-one served me after waiting there for a good solid 15 minutes, I upped and left.
There are 2 things I want to say :-
  • MAC SA’s ( = sales assistants) have a really bad rep for giving bad customer service – and I hate to say this so publicly on my blog but it’s true.  Le sigh.
  • The MAC Marilyn Monroe lipsticks cost $38 AUD in Australia but only cost $16.50 USD in USA!!!  Totally not fair!!!

Have you bought anything from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection?  Which lippy shade do you like the most?  And do your local MAC SA’s ignore you too?


Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick

Karen Murrell Lipsticks

As promised from yesterday’s post, say Hello to Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick.

Karen Murrell pink lipstick, pink lipstick swatches

Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick Swatch : a lovely rosy pink shine

Karen Murrell, pink lips, lip stalker

Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick On My Lips :  Very Angelina Jolie-esque lips, dontcha think?

Lip Stalker Summary

Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick 

  • Description : Rosy pink satin finish lipstick
  • Similar : to nothing I own!!
  • Smells : Cinammon (I like!)
  • Price : around the $30 mark NZD,
  • Famous last words : Nice neutral pink everyday lipstick colour for the conservative ladies

Same time, same place, next week for the next Karen Murrell Lipstick swatch 🙂

Introduction to Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Karen Murrell, Karen Murrel Lipsticks

Hello there!  Yes, your favourite stalker, Lip Stalker, is indeed still alive and kicking!  What happened?  I lost my lipstick loving mojo for a couple of months.  [ Long story => I blame it on my hairy upper lip.  I used a hair removal cream on it and it stung like a mofo to the point I shed tears and afterwards, not only did I have a hairy upper lip but it was enhanced by a ‘tache rash too!  Not cool!  Now the rash has calmed down but I have a ‘tache – I’m growing it for Movember 😛 ]  Cheekiness (and hairy-ness) aside, let’s take a look at this awesome foursome of Karen Murrell Lipsticks.

  • 06 Carnation Mist – peach pink
  • 07 Fuchsia Shock – bright vibrant blue-based fuchsia pink
  • 08 Coral Dawn – orange coral (similar to Kit Fire Lighter)
  • 09 Sandstorm – nude beige

Who is Karen Murrell??  A New Zealander who has created a certified organic skincare ranges and natural lipsticks.  Best to check out the website if you want more info :

And uh…I can’t find the lipsticks I reviewed on the website so I am not entirely sure if they have been discontinued or getting rebranded or waiting to be released…oops!  I actually got sent these eons ago so I do apologise if you’re reading this Karen!

Karen Murrell

Lip Stalker Likes

  • Whenever I wear 07 Fuchsia Shock and 08 Coral Dawn, the compliments are never-ending and I always get asked where to buy it.
  • The lipsticks are ever-so-slightly tingly and have a cinnamon-y smell (I like that spiciness about it!)
  • Satin finish – I prefer this to matte finishes
  • Doesn’t dry out my lips due to its moisturising ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter
  • They are made totally of natural ingredients and do not contain any mineral oils, animal-based material, parabens or preservatives.

Lip Stalker Dislikes

  • Not easily available to purchase in Australia
  • Cannot distinguish what colour it is unless you store it upside down to show the label but I am OCD-ish and I don’t like storing things upside down

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