Introduction to Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Karen Murrell, Karen Murrel Lipsticks

Hello there!  Yes, your favourite stalker, Lip Stalker, is indeed still alive and kicking!  What happened?  I lost my lipstick loving mojo for a couple of months.  [ Long story => I blame it on my hairy upper lip.  I used a hair removal cream on it and it stung like a mofo to the point I shed tears and afterwards, not only did I have a hairy upper lip but it was enhanced by a ‘tache rash too!  Not cool!  Now the rash has calmed down but I have a ‘tache – I’m growing it for Movember 😛 ]  Cheekiness (and hairy-ness) aside, let’s take a look at this awesome foursome of Karen Murrell Lipsticks.

  • 06 Carnation Mist – peach pink
  • 07 Fuchsia Shock – bright vibrant blue-based fuchsia pink
  • 08 Coral Dawn – orange coral (similar to Kit Fire Lighter)
  • 09 Sandstorm – nude beige

Who is Karen Murrell??  A New Zealander who has created a certified organic skincare ranges and natural lipsticks.  Best to check out the website if you want more info :

And uh…I can’t find the lipsticks I reviewed on the website so I am not entirely sure if they have been discontinued or getting rebranded or waiting to be released…oops!  I actually got sent these eons ago so I do apologise if you’re reading this Karen!

Karen Murrell

Lip Stalker Likes

  • Whenever I wear 07 Fuchsia Shock and 08 Coral Dawn, the compliments are never-ending and I always get asked where to buy it.
  • The lipsticks are ever-so-slightly tingly and have a cinnamon-y smell (I like that spiciness about it!)
  • Satin finish – I prefer this to matte finishes
  • Doesn’t dry out my lips due to its moisturising ingredients like avocado oil and shea butter
  • They are made totally of natural ingredients and do not contain any mineral oils, animal-based material, parabens or preservatives.

Lip Stalker Dislikes

  • Not easily available to purchase in Australia
  • Cannot distinguish what colour it is unless you store it upside down to show the label but I am OCD-ish and I don’t like storing things upside down

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