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Lime Crime Poisonberry & Serpentina Lipsticks – Swatches, Photos, Review

Lime Crime Alchemy, Lime Crime Poisonberry, Lime Crime Serpentina, Lime Crime lipsticks

I am no longer a Lime Crime lipstick virgin after I picked up their Alchemy Collection which consisted of a delightful eyeshadow palette (see swatches here) and these two STUNNING lipsticks, beautifully named Poisonberry and Serpentina.

Lime Crime Poisonberry, Lime Crime Serpentina

The packaging of the Lime Crime lipsticks is spangly unicorn fun!  But if I had a large collection of Lime Crime lipsticks (*dreaming*), I would have trouble distinguishing them because they all look the same unless you look at the base for the name.

Lime Crime Poisonberry lipstick swatches, Lime Crime Serpentina Lipstick swatch, Lime Crime lipstick swatches

Both Poisonberry and Serpentina are of a satin finish – my fave finish!

BE WARNED : I was having a bad lip day when I swatched these so my lip wrinkles and flakies are VERY obvious!  Plus the fact that I used my super sensitive DSLR which picks up every little detail.  Yes, that’s right!  You will soon see that there is green lipstick on my teeth!  Pretend you can’t see it.

Lime Crime Poisonberry Lipstick Swatch

Lime Crime Poisonberry, Lime Crime Alchemy, Lime Crime lipstick

Lime Crime Poisonberry, Lime Crime Poisonberry swatch, Lime Crime lipstick on lips, purple lipstick

Lime Crime Poisonberry is a vibrant warm violet berry shade which I just INSTANTLY fell in love with.

Lime Crime Serpentine Lipstick Swatch

Lime Crime Alchemy, Lime Crime Serpentina swatch, Serpentina, green lipstick

Lime Crime Serpentina, Lime Crime Alchemy, green lipstick, green lips

Lime Crime Serpentina is an emerald green shade which is just DIVINE!  I have nothing even similar in my vast lipstick collection and I foresee a lip art video with it!  It did, however, make me look even more yellow than my yellow Asian skin!!!

Buy Lime Crime Lipsticks

At US $15.99 each, Lime Crime lipsticks are the bees knees!  Especially if you are into vegan-friendly makeup!!  I bought mine on the Lime Crime website and worldwide postage is around $10 and it arrived within 2 weeks!  In fact, my lipsticks were of extremely good value as I bought them as part of the Alchemy Collection with eyeshadow palette and both lipsticks at $49.99.  (see swatches here)

What are you waiting for?  Go and take a look at the Lime Crime website :)

Link to Lime Crime Poisonberry $15.99
Link to Lime Crime Serpentina $15.99

1 Comment on Lime Crime Poisonberry & Serpentina Lipsticks – Swatches, Photos, Review

  1. Carla N.
    March 25, 2013 at 7:25 am (1 year ago)

    After waiting for months for Poisonberry to be restocked, I ordered mine today!
    I’m very pale (MAC NW15), but I’m blessed with nice full lips, good skin, and large eyes, so I think I can pull it off.
    I can hardly wait for it to get here!
    Anyone who’s seen it: Is it similar to MAC Violetta?
    And what color liner should I wear with Poisonberry?


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