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Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick

As promised from yesterday’s post, say Hello to Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick. Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick Swatch : a lovely rosy pink shine Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick On My Lips :  Very Angelina Jolie-esque lips, dontcha think? Lip Stalker Summary Karen Murrell Carnation Mist Lipstick  Description : Rosy pink satin finish lipstick Similar : […] Read more…

Karen Murrell, Karen Murrel Lipsticks

Introduction to Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Hello there!  Yes, your favourite stalker, Lip Stalker, is indeed still alive and kicking!  What happened?  I lost my lipstick loving mojo for a couple of months.  [ Long story => I blame it on my hairy upper lip.  I used a hair removal cream on it and it stung like a mofo to the […] Read more…

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Australian beauty addicts have been rejoicing recently due to Illamasqua’s historical move to reduce prices.  Aussies have always had to pay over-inflated prices for cosmetics which is not fair.  I totally agree because as you know, I am from Scotland so when I came to Australia, I was uber-shocked at the crazy prices for drugstore […] Read more…

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