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Another day, another Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick!!!  Remember 353M Rose Pitimini?  I actually wore that to the Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick launch in Myer a few months ago.  And inside the goody bag was this goody – 163M Dans Ses Bras – another to-die-for lipstick!

I won’t rave on about how much I love the packaging and the lightweight formula of the Rouge in Love lipsticks because you’ve heard it all before.  But the name is a tad suss though.  I studied French years ago at school but if memory serves me correct “dans” means “in” or “under”…so the names “dans ses bras” makes me think “under your bras”.  Ahem…!  I am sure it doesn’t mean that…but anyway…let’s move on…

Lipstick Swatch : Lancome Rouge In Love 163M Dans Ses Bras

Lancome rouge in love lipstick swatch

163M Dans Ses Bras is a vibrant coral watermelon red.

Pout ‘n’ Pose

163M Dans Ses Bras, Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick swatches, Lancome lipstick swatches, best lips

What’s The Gloss?

Lancome Rouge In Love lipstick in 163M Dans Ses Bras
RRP : $45 AUD
Buy at :  Myer,
Lip Stalker says :  I’m in love with Rouge In Love!

Have your lips been touched by Rouge In Love yet?


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Long time no blog here.  Bad lip beauty blogger me.  Anyway, today I am here to give a review on Models Prefer Lip Primer – which got sent to me eons ago for review…but I forgot.  Sorry!

Lip primer is different to the functions of lip balm.  Lip primer is designed to provide a smooth base prior to lipstick or lip gloss application and to intensify and prolong the lip colour on top by preventing smudging and creasing.  Very similar to the functions of eye shadow primer.

I may not always prime my lips with a lip primer per se, but I always use a lip balm or lip cream on my lips prior to lipstick application, especially when I am swatching for the blog.  This means that I can remove the lip colour easily without me scrubbing my lips to smithereens.  (Yes, I think I just made up a word!)

Anyway, back to Models Prefer Lip Primer, I like it for the following reasons :-

1.  It is nice and slim, making it easier to apply on lips.
2.  It is unscented.  This is very important because a lot of lipsticks have a lipstick scent and imagine if the lip primer had a scent and it mixed with the lipstick scent and it created a offensive scent…you get me?
3.  It’s multi-purpose because it doubles up as a lip balm too because it’s quite moisturising and doesn’t dry out my lips.
4.  It costs less than $10!  From Priceline, my favourite drugstore in Australia.

BUT.  There’s always a but, isn’t there?

But it doesn’t iron out all my lip wrinkles and it has a hint of shine – which makes it unsuitable for matte finishes.  And umm…I wound it up too much the other day and the whole thing fell out…but I shoved it back in.

models prefer priceline, models prefer lip primer review, best lip primer

Nevertheless, I suggest you give Models Prefer Lip Primer a try if you’re looking for an inexpensive base for lipstick.  They also have an eye primer in their Prime & Perfect range which I am keen to try too.

What’s The Gloss?
Models Prefer Lip Primer
RRP : $9.99 AUD
Buy at : Priceline
Lip Stalker says :  Yes, try it!

Have you tried lip primers before?  Which one do you recommend?


ruby bling lip art, bling lip art, lip gems

I bought some bling bling phone gems the other day and instead of decorating my phone with them, I decided to use them for lip art and created Ruby Bling Lips.  Hope you enjoy the video BUT please be careful if you’re going to attempt this because it is very easy to swallow one of these little gems.

Lip products featured are :  Uriage Bariederm Levres, Sisley L33 Rouge Passion Lipstick, Benefit Bella Bamba Ultra Plush Lip Gloss  (Note :  All were PR samples)

Let me know what you think of Ruby Bling lips in the comments.  From far away, it kinda looks like pomegranate!!  LOL.


blue lips, lip art, lip art tutorial, teal lips, Illamasqua Apocalips

Guess what peeps?  I won The Best Beauty Vlog category at beautyheaven Australian Blog Awards with my Sugar Lips video (which has over 100,000 views!  WOW!).  Thanks for all the support.  Sorry, I should have mentioned it on here earlier but I forgot.  Oopsie!  Anyway, part of my prize is to create 12 videos for beautyheaven and I just launched my new beauty channel today so please check it out and also, here’s a new lip art video – Teal Temptation – inspired by the teal colours of the beautyheaven website!  I hope you enjoy it!

Lip products used are :  TNS Lip Plump System*, Karen Murrell Lipstick in Sandstorm*, Illamasqua Lipstick in Apocalips*

Other make-up products used are :  NYX Book Of Shadows, SLA Glitter Eyeliner*

* denotes PR samples / gifted product

What do you think of Teal Temptation Lips?  Probably not the best lip colour for a first date!  LOL.


Yeah, I’m still alive.  I didn’t realise it was bloody impossible to balance a full-time job and a  semi-full-time beauty blog and then, this lip blog too!  But enough whining and let’s take a look at nutrimetics nc Lip Lightning Lip Gloss in Bronze.

nutrimetics lip gloss, nc lip gloss swatch

It’s quite special because it comes with a light built inside the lid and a mirror on the side of the tube.  But who the heck applies their lip gloss in the dark?  No, not me!  Yes, the mirror is helpful…but sadly, it is verging on tacky.

nutrimetics swatch, nutrimetics nc lip swatch, lip gloss swatch

Apart from that, the nutrimetics nc Lip Lightning Lip Gloss in Bronze itself is quite lovely.  Fruity and not overly sticky.  As you can see from my swatch, it’s not very bronze; but instead it’s a very sheer natural shade with plenty of microshimmer.  If I’m looking for an au naturale lip with a little zing, I will reach for this baby.

nutrimetics nc lip gloss, lip gloss on lips

*PR sample

What do you think?  Does nutrimetics nc Lip Lightning Lip Gloss in Bronze tickle your fancy?  Is it necessary to have an in-built light and mirror on lip glosses??


Jurlique Lip Balm review, Jurlique lip care

This Winter, I have said bye bye to sore, cracked lips and it’s all thanks to Jurlique for sending me their Lip Care Balm.

Jurlique Lip Care Balm is a yellow, non-sticky, thick conditioning balm which is enriched with castor oil, shea butter and macadamia oil.  Admittedly, it does look rather intimidating because it’s gunky yellow colour but don’t let that deter you because it works wonders in restoring moisture to dry lips.  I like to put a big dollop on my lips before sleeping to keep them moisturised through the night as the heating in the house during Winter can dry my lips out big time.  It took me 3 nights of application before I got the super-soft lips.

At first, I did have my tube of Jurlique Lip Care Balm in my handbag to reapply during the day, but then I realised that I was going through this tube of lip-saving goodness too fast and because it isn’t exactly cheap at $32 (ouch!), I have moved it from my handbag to my bedside table so I will only use it once a day.

Jurlique lip balm, best lip balm for winter

Jurlique Lip Care Balm

Which lip balm or lip conditioning product is your Winter lip saviour?

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